Sunday, 16 April 2017

Summer Wishlist!

Hi there darlings,

If you're like me, you're probably looking forward to the emergence of some warmer temperature and a new summer wardrobe. Ok, so you don´t need to get a whole new summer wardrobe, but I am desperately trying to incorporate less black clothing and more pinup styles so I will be indulging in new Summer items...sorry!

Ok, so these pieces of are varying price points but they´re items that can be worn over and over and will start to build up my pinup wardrobe! The tartan skirt would be more suited to Autumn/Winter but in the UK how warm does it really get? This leads to the cardigans! No pinup wardrobe is complete without a few cardigans and mermaids and flamingos are right up my street. These Collectif ones are again on the pricier side but they are very good quality, however, most high street stores sell cardigans in funky colours that you could easily attach an applique to!
These are a few dresses I am lusting after this summer, especially as I am going away mid-August and I am trying to perfect the ´pinup abroad´ looks!  The mermaid dress is another Collectif find and I´m sure you guessed why I like it: more mermaids! The Paris border dress is from Lindybop and anyone who knows me knows, I love Paris and I am literally slightly obsessed with visiting which is something I aim to do as a graduation present. Picture it, walking around Paris wearing a dress that has the cityscape on it...Paris-ception. The blush lace dress is from H&M and is the most expensive thing on this wishlist, so unless I try it on and fall in love with it, it may have to wait until the price goes way (waaaaay) down in the sales. However, if you have a wedding or a party coming up (or you like to dress up like me) this dress may be the ticket!
My everyday bag is a black quilted shoulder bag (a stand-in, before I get my dream bag, which is a CHANEL 2.55) however, I always like a slightly brighter bag for Spring/Summer and this Radley bag fits the bill! I mean look at it!! It´s a heart, it´s pink, it is big enough to fit a purse, phone and lipstick, honestly, this bag just screams me. (Not literally, because that would be terrifying...) It is also £64, which is half price but again maybe slightly too expensive to indulge in on a whim...I´ll probably have to find a cheaper option.

These are a few items that are currently sat on my Summer wishlist, and I would love to know what is on yours! I´d also love to know if you own any of these items and your thoughts on them, spill in the comments below! 

Until next time!


  1. Get them all! You'll slay #enabler

  2. I love these pieces. They are so pretty. This bag is just cute! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. The bag is top of the wishlist at the moment! xx