Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Disney Tag!

Hi Darlings, a slightly different post today, apologies for the lack of fashion posts, if that's what you're here for! I am working on a big post for Sunday. Also quick apologies for just the one post this past week, exams and deadlines are once again taking over!

Anyway, onto todays post: The Disney Tag! I adore Disney, it is something I have grown up with and continue to love at the ripe age of 21. It is my go to on sad days, sick days and boredom days! So without further ado....

FAVOURITE CHARACTER - Tough one! I have Ursula or Belle, or maybe Merida or actually Moana

FAVOURITE PRINCESS - Cinderella or Belle are my number one. Followed very close second with Mulan and Tiana 

FAVOURITE HEROINE - Moana. I loved Moana as soon as I saw the film and she has remained a firm favourite. She shows that you can be completely bad-ass without any need for love and we have similar hair ha!

FAVOURITE PRINCE - Honestly, none buuuut if I had to choose...Flynn Rider. He goes on a journey and becomes an alright guy I suppose, plus he's kind of cute for an animated guy!

FAVOURITE HERO - It has to be Hercules (don't you mean HUNKULES!) 

FAVOURITE ANIMAL - Pascal! He is hilarious and doesn't take any of Flynn Riders 'smoulders' 

FAVOURITE SIDEKICK - Tinkerbell! I see a lot of myself in her, small, sassy and sulks if she doesn't get her way

FAVOURITE VILLAIN - Ursula! We need an origin story because I need to know if she really is the scorned queen of Atlantica who had a torrid love affair with King Triton.

FAVOURITE ORIGINAL CHARACTER - Minnie Mouse. She's a sassy mouse who wears heels and hair bows. It me as a mouse!

FAVOURITE LOVE SONG - 'I won't say I am in Love' from Hercules. A song I relate to on a spiritual level!

FAVOURITE SONG - There are so many! I have to say, 'You're Welcome,' from Moana or 'Part of you world' from The Little Mermaid

FAVOURITE VILLAIN SONG - 'Poor Unfortunate Souls,' or 'Gaston' *I should note I don't hate Gaston...sorry!*

LEAST FAVOURITE SONG - Frozen everything

FAVOURITE KISS - Probably Hercules and Megara. It's so cute! He gives up being a god and walks back to her and then it's like sweep kiss. 

THE FIRST MOVE I EVER SAW - Cinderella and The Little Mermaid. I would alternate watching them every day.

FAVOURITE CLASSIC - Peter Pan. It will always be one of my favourite stories and has some of the most beautiful lines.

SONG THAT ALWAYS GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD - 'Once Upon a Dream,' but the Lana Del Rey version, I always find myself singing it.

FAVOURITE PIXAR MOVIE - How can I only pick one! Brave, the Incredibles, Toy Story, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, Inside Out. I could go on 

LEAST FAVOURITE MOVIE - Frozen, I just don't enjoy it at all. After Let it Go it's shite

FAVOURITE SEQUEL - Little Mermaid 2. Pretty Strong in terms of sequels plus more mermaids!

OVERRATED MOVIE - It has to be Frozen again, I never got behind the hype. I think it's because Let it Go played non stop and it was the only good song. 

MOVIE THAT MAKES YOU LAUGH - Hercules, the sassiness of Hades completes me.

MOVIE THAT MAKES YOU CRY - Inside Out, which I know is a Pixar/Disney hybrid but it was such an important film with the message that from sadness comes happiness and both emotions are equally as important. Or else the new Beauty and the Beast and Moana, both had me bawling!

SADDEST SCENE - Ellie and Carl in Up. I mean, fuck, we go through about thirty different emotions in eight minutes!

SADDEST DEATH - Bing Bong in Inside Out. When he says, 'take her to the moon for me,' I just burst into tears. 

FAVOURITE QUOTE - "All you need is faith, trust and little bit of pixie dust," Peter Pan. Faith in yourself, trust in your conviction and a little bit of magic can get you anywhere!

I hope you enjoyed this, I enjoyed answering these questions, if you'd like to do the tag, feel free, only person I tag is Charlotte from Hobbits and Hairdye (who I know has done a disney tag but this is a slightly different one I believe!) 

Until next time


  1. Thanks for the tag petal! So excited to do this one! I'm so glad that you love Hercules as much as I do! 😍 Think we may have to agree to disagree about Frozen 😂 But fully agree about Inside Out, my emotions could not handle that film, RIP Bing Bong!

    Char x

  2. Excited to see your responses! And YES! Hercules is one of my favourites!! and sorry, I know Frozen is very popular and don't get me wrong I love let it go and Elsa, but I'll be skipping out on the rest haha!