Saturday, 3 June 2017

OOTN || Night at the Ballet

Hi Darlings,

I'm writing this on my iPad, because my laptop screen has decided to break down, this month has been the worst luck with technology. I decided to treat myself last night to a night at the ballet to watch Mathew Bourne's Red Shoes. I have never seen a ballet live before but I can say it was absolutely stunning.

The Red Shoes is a ballet within a ballet about a young aspiring dancer who gets corrupted by love, ambition and greed. The costumes and sets were flawless and the music was just stunning. I really enjoy going to the theatre alone as not only can you really immerse yourself in the show but you get to know the people around you. The lady next to me saw had seen the ballet six times! If you're a fan of ballet and stunning costumes I would highly recommend seeing The Red Shoes.

 Hair flower is from Shazam Vintage hair flowers.

Dress is Vintage and bag is Skinnydip

Until next time, when I can maybe start blogging on an actual laptop!



  1. Sounds like an amazing night! You look lovely, I'm obsessed with your bag <3

    1. Thank you so much! Skinnydip is my go to for statement bags but I tend to search during the sales haha! Xx

  2. I don't know The Red Shoes at ALL but I've heard its a TEAR JERKER! Looks like an absolutely lovely night out! Your purse is especially amazing and the whole look is great!

    1. It really is and so incredibly well done! Thank you so much, the purse is my go-to for a fancy look! xxx