Thursday, 15 June 2017

Pride Fashion Ideas!!

Hi darlings! So I am back with a new post (finally) June has been kicking my butt with technology troubles, but we made it. Now June is also Pride month (YAY!) and if you may not know I identify as bisexual. I've been to Pride in London for the last three years now, (this year will be my fourth) so below I have put together some outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear for you first (or fifth) Pride experience.

Pride in your face!

This first one is in your face out loud, proud and fabulous! Yes, you could go all sequins, but as I've learnt, no matter how glittery you are, you will never upstage the amazing drag queens that attend. A Pride flag is a must, and you can pip for a classic rainbow or else the colours of your particular orientation. Pins are a great way to add pride and of course sparkly jellies will keep you comfortable and stylish all day.

Cut out crop top
£34 -

Pilot clear jelly sandals
£23 -

Heart shaped jewelry
£5.48 -

Pin jewelry
£9.99 -

Heart shaped jewelry
£5.47 -

Rainbow beach towel
£12 -

This outfit is perfect for a first time Pride goer, it's subtly rainbow but also casual and comfortable. Pride can be slightly overwhelming at first so before you plunge headfirst into glitter and sequins, a slogon tee and badges are a great casual look that still celebrates all things LGBT+!!

LE3NO a line skirt
£17 -

Brown ankle boots

Pin brooch
£9.97 -

Sterling silver stud earrings
£13 -

Round glasses
£11 -

This look is probably my favourite look and one that I intend on wearing a variation of in July. My style is very much vintage/pinup/rockabilly and as a proud bisexual, why not incorporate the colours of the bi flag! A pink rockabilly dress with a blue petticoat and purple flats incorporates all the colours while keeping a vintage twist. The bi badge makes it clear what your orientation and the fluffy earrings are just so cute! 
£26 -

Corso Como purple flat shoes
£47 -

Ball earrings
£1.56 -

Trashy Diva

I hope this post gives you some suggestions for what to wear to Pride no matter how many times you've been. Are you attending a Pride this year and if so, what fabulous attire will you be rocking! Tweet me @msbellebonbon to show me all your brilliant Pride looks

Until next time


  1. Love love love this! 🌈💖💜💙 especially how extra that first outfit is!! That unicorn top is a dream & those rainbow shorts are a piece of art! I've got a gig in London on the London pride so may have to try and make an appearance before it, decked out in glitter, purple, pink & blue aplenty of course 💁🏼 Another great post, you babe x

    1. Genuinely if I had the confidence I would wear the shit out of the first outfit! I'll probably be rocking pure bisexual pinup realness haha! Yes!!! If you're around you should go it's so much fun and I might see you there! Loveeee x