Monday, 19 June 2017

So you wanna know more?

Hi darlings, today's post will be a bit more personal than my others. The lovely Jenna from The Perficitonist has tagged in the Liebster Award, and asked me to answer 11 questions she has thought up herself! 

Below are the rules, so without further ado let's hop in!
1. Answer the 11 questions that your nominator has asked you.

2. Nominate other bloggers (this is for mainly smaller bloggers but I want to include bloggers who I I don't know how to measure 'under 200 followers')

3. Ask your nominees 11 questions.

4. Let them know that you have nominated them!
Here are my answers!

1. What Is One Piece Of Advice You Wish You Had Listened To?
To not cut my hair. Yes this is a frivolous one but I tend to listen to advice or I am plagued with self-doubt and anxiety. I do wish I had not cut my though, I needed to at the time but in hindsight, I am now growing it out.

2. If You Were Your Favourite Celebrity For A Day, What Would You Do?  
Well, my favourite celebrity is probably Heloise from Christine and the Queens, so if I were her for a day, I would demand to go on tour again. This one is purely selfish, because I really want to see her live, *read desperately* so, yeah if I were her for a day, I would start by demanding to go on tour. Then I would hang around Paris, because why not?

3. If You Were To Throw A Dinner Party, What Would Be Your Starter, Main Course & Dessert?  
Starter: Prawns and a Greek salad. Main Course: Seafood Risotto with some olive bread. Dessert: Kataifi and Vanilla ice cream. (I have no idea what this says about me but there you have it)

4. What Do You Love Most About Blogging?
The freedom. You are able to write about whatever you want without having to meet a deadline or please anybody else. I also love the online community. I think with social media we have become more connected and while some criticise this, I have made some lovely friends through blogging who live all over and I think this is awesome!

5. Have You Met Any Bloggers In Real Life, Who Would You Love To Meet? 
I haven't!! However, this is the year this all changes! Now I am moving back to London, I really want to organise and attend some meet ups. I would love to meet Jenna from The Perficitionist, Eloise from Eloise Mae, Tara from Cattitude&Co. and of course, ma main gal, Charlotte from Hobbits&Hairdye. (We need to organise going to comicon or something!!!)

6. Have You Ever Taken Part In Any Extreme Sports? Sky Diving? Roller Darby? Skiing etc?
I haven't done any super extreme sports, I've been on a jet ski and done some diving. Other than that, I would love to sky dive and also try water skiing.

7. Who Was Your Childhood Celebrity Crush?
Legolas from Lord of the Rings, Anakin from Star Wars (Ep II) or Daphne from Scooby Doo. What can I say? I was a nerdy girl with a thing for intergalactic/elvish/crime fighting people

8. Have You Ever Shown Your Blog To Family, Friends, Work Colleagues etc?
I haven't ever shown it explicitly, most of friends/family are on my twitter/instagram so they see it and have said they sometimes read it. I write my blog for myself, I'm not bothered about if people read it or their responses, this started as a stress reliever and grew into a fun hobby. As for feedback, it has been mostly positive, most people understand this is a bit of fun and not me telling people how to live their lives. I have had some negative responses from people who claim I am telling people what to wear etc. but first off that's utter crap, and I'm not going to stop writing just because of salty opinions. 

9. Do You Believe In Ghosts? Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?  
This is a tricky question, I don't necessarily believe in ghosts as I've never seen one but if Kate Mckinnon wants to take me along on her ghost busting adventures, I am always game. I've very much into mythology and I suppose if I believe mermaids are out there then sure, why not ghosts!

10. If You Could Choose To Go On Any Reality TV Show, Which Show Would You Choose?
Easy-I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here! I love this show and would be so up to do those challenges. I won't lie the camping and lack of food would be hard but honestly, sign me, give me a khaki jacket and throw me out a plane.

11. If You Could Design Your Own Perfume, What Would You Call It? What Colour Would It Be And What Would The Scent Be?
My perfume would be an evening primrose and honeysuckle perfume as these are my favourite scents. I'd want the colour to be clear but the bottle to be a lovely light blue so the liquid looks blue. If I had to name it, I'd call it Sirène (mermaid in French).

 so I nominate….
Charlotte (Hobbits&Hairdye)
Steph (lovestephx)
Lucy (Elsielmc)
Abby Chinery (Parlez Vous Parisien)
Naomi (ohsixeleven)
Onto my questions:
1) Where in the world would you love to travel and where would you love to live?
2) Can you speak any other language? Or is there a language you wish to learn?
3) What is your favourite film franchise?
4) Who is your favourite historical figure?
5) What is your go-to outfit for those days when you feel underwhelmed or need a pick me up?
6) What book are you currently reading?
7) Is there a book or film you want to read or see?
8) How do you deal with negative comments towards you or your blog?
9) Do you have a favourite quote that makes you feel better on bad days?
10) Do you believe in mermaids?
11) Tell me about any pets you have, or may want!
I look forward to reading your responses, please make sure all the lovely ladies tagged and Jenna!
Until next time


  1. Thank you so much for nominating me! I love doing posts like this. I agree with you loving the freedom of blogging! I wouldnt be able to handle a deadline �� and it's amazing to know that it is up to us what we write. It would be amazing to be in I'm a celebrity get me out of here! The campmates seem to make so many memories and the trials look hilarious (probably not be as hilarious if I was in their situation though ����) I can't wait to answer your questions. I appreciate that you thought of my blog, have a lovely day! �� Elsie LMC

    1. You're so welcome, I'm so excited to see your responses! xx

  2. Aw thanks for tagging me in this you absolute babe!! First of all absolutely yes to the meet up, we 100% need to get a comic con plan in the works, it will be an absolute dream! I completely agree with the 'don't cut your hair' advice, it's literally my biggest regret! I also totally fancied Legolas, Anakin & Daphne. Triple Whammy. Definitely don't agree about I'm a celeb, I'd love all the adventure parts (Skydiving is the most amazing experience by the way -- you would love it) but hell no am I eating bugs and stuff. I feel like I'd need the tamest reality show ever, some major throwback one like Takeshi's Castle or something haha! Loved reading this gal, and will get on answering your questions ASAP! xxx

    1. YES!! Once I back in the southern part of the UK, then we shall sort this meet up!! (it has been a year in the making) Honestly, it sounds like we are the same person...and OMG Takeshi's castle, I have not even thought about that, my upper body strength says I will epic-ally fail, but my enthusiasm says I will still fail haha!! xx

  3. Totally agree with the not cutting your hair thing, I cut mine a month or so ago and whilst most people say it's nice, I keep finding photos of my long hair and regretting ever cutting it!

    1. Completely! I am now on a mission to grow it to my hips haha! xx