Sunday, 2 July 2017

Bisexual themed makeup!

Hi Darlings,

Pride month is sadly drawing to a close, (sadface) but on Saturday, I shall be attending London Pride and will be proudly waving my bisexual flag! (If you are also attending Pride, drop me a tweet @msbellebonbon, and I may see you!!) I intend to fully dress in the colours of the bisexual flag, pink, purple and blue, and this makeup tutorial is inspired by that!

The things you will need is mascara, black eyeliner, white eyeliner, glitter (blue, pink or purple) a highlight colour (preferably glittery), and a pink, purple and blue eye shadow.

I started by placing a wash of pale pink all over my lid. Then adding a hot pink colour on my inner corner, and then adding in a dark purple in the middle. Blend it all together but try and keep each colour defined. Add a dark blue onto the outer corner and blend in a window wiper motion to make sure the colour doesn't come across too harsh. Remember less is more! Start with less and then build up colour.

As you can see my techniqiue, is plonk the colour on and blend it until it looks ok. Black liquid liner covers a multitude of sins, and the blue glitter adds the necessary Pride pop! On the day I will probably add more glitter and false lashes, but if that is not your scene then just mascara will do. For the lips, I went for a classic red but then added the purple and pink eye shadow over the top to mattify and add a funky effect. Tightline with white eyeliner, pop on your foundation and whack on your outrageous headpiece and you are ready to go!

I hope you like the finished look, it is quite dramatic but incorporates all the colours of the bisexual flag and is sure to make you stand out at any Pride event! What are you wearing to Pride this year?

Until next time


  1. I love this & I love the glitter eyeliner! I need to try that too faced palette xx