Wednesday, 26 July 2017

'Radley Road,' Radley Bag | Review

Hi Darlings,

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am now a graduate (woohoo!) and thus my Mother decided to treat me to a new handbag as a present. Now I have never been a handbag person but for Christmas I was given this gorgeous black quilted leather shoulder bag that I have worn pretty much everyday since! However, as Summer is slowly crawling in, and I have a holiday coming up, I wanted to invest in a slightly lighter bag.

I am someone who pips for quality over quantity so when it came to buying a new handbag, I knew I wanted something slightly *fancy*. We decided to browse around John Lewis and see what was on offer. As I was drooling over the Mulberry Lily Shoulder bag, I was shuddering at the price tag (800 pounds?!) so I floated quickly down to Earth and looked at bags within my budget.

My Mum spotted this Radley bag and immediately said, "this is your style in a nutshell, get it," I however, was less convinced. Yes I dress like a small child whose fallen into a dressing up box, yes I like to look as ridiculous and quirky on a daily basis, but a bag with an adorable street scene featuring small dogs? Strangely, I was not sure. However, after literally twirling around in the mirror, I decided that this would be the bag for these long lazy Summer days...(read cold grey shitty days.) It was also a good size to take abroad as my carry on, so I was sold! (The 50% off sale price helped as well)

The bag is a light cream/off-white colour with two handles and a shoulder strap (a must for any of my bags!) The front  (as seen above) is this beautiful brightly coloured street scene featuring the classic Radley Scottie Dog appearing in a number of hilarious situations, hair of the dog anyone?

Attached is a lovely small Radley charm in this unique spotted pattern which I have not seen on many other bags but was a feature that cinched it for me!

However, with the colour of the bag, it is prone to scuffing,but with most leather bags, invest in a good leather cleaner and it should prevent most small scuffs. Equally, the front scene needs to be well coated in a leather protector, which comes with most Radley bags, just so it has that initial protection.

The front of the bag is a mix of embroidery and print, so the colours should remain vibrant as they have not been painted on directly to the fabric. Furthermore, I have yer to notice any threads coming loose, but bare in mind if that does happen, Radley are very good with repairing products!

The back of the bag is plain in comparison, but it still features an adorable black Scottie running away with some dotted underwear! That is also a large pocket on the back of the bag which is handy to shove receipts or train tickets in (both of which I always have an abundance of!) There is also a small detachable inner wallet, with the same motif on it, attached by a clip to prevent loss. It is the perfect size for a railcard and oyster card for you city-dwellers out there.

The interior of the bag is a light corduroy green and has a zipped inner pocket and two side pockets. The entire bag measures at 30 cm x 26.5 cm x 11 cm so it is large enough to fit your worldly possession but not too large that it becomes cumbersome.

Sadly this particular bag is now sold out on the Radley website, but if you are looking to invest in a classic bag that will last, I strongly recommend Radley. If you already own Radley products, let me know! We can start a scottie society!

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