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Wonder Woman Review

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OK, so I saw Wonder Woman the other day and to say the film resonated with me is an understatement. As a huge comic book and Superhero fan, I was overwhelmed at watching a female superhero, not only be totally badass, but be the protagonist of the film. I knew I had to write a review of it, and while I am aware my blog has changed from its original purpose, I will be incorporating more reviews so I hope you enjoy!

Also this review will contain SPOILERS so if you haven't seen the film yet, what are you doing?? Go! Go! Go!!

The film opens with Wayne Enterprises (ergo Batman) delivering an old photo to Diana/Wonder Woman in Paris of her, Steve and his band of merry men in WW1. I imagine this is a nod to the upcoming Justice League film and the film begins as Diana reminisces on her origin. I thought this was a very innovative way of opening the film, as it shows that the story will be shown from her point of view. We then move to the fictional island Thymiscera, which is where Diana is originally from. The opening sequence depicts female Amazon warriors all training under the watchful eye of Hippolyta and Antiope, Diana's Mother and Aunt. The choreography in this scene is breathtaking and was one of the two scenes to bring tears to my eyes. What was even more awesome was that the actresses in this scene were all professional athletes which not only added a sense of authenticity but showed a more diverse body image in a Hollywood and more so, a superhero film.

As the film progresses, we get the sense that Diana is destined for greatness and to wield the fabled 'god-killer' sword in the final battle against Ares, the god of war. In a particularly thrilling scene when she is sparring with Antiope, we have the sense that Diana's heritage is god-like as she manages to def
end herself using only her forearms. After this revelation, she is heavily dissuaded from pursuing this destiny...that is until an American airman washes up on the shore, under the name of Steve. (I did question the name Steve, I mean talk about the average, boring name.) A battle ensues on the beaches of Thymiscera between the Amazons and German soldiers who are chasing Steve. Yet another scene that is beautifully shot, but sadly in the chaos, Antiope is killed. This drives the film forward and after a hilariously awkward interaction between Steve and Diana, they both decide to leave the island in pursuit of Ares and ending the war.

This moves the film, after yet another hilarious Steve/Diana interaction in the boat, to London and the next part of the film. We meet Etta Candy, and the rest of British intelligence. This part of the film was really interesting as it shows the juxtaposition of Wonder Woman, famously brought up in a matriarchal society in a very patriarchal setting. As we meet Steve's band of merry pals who he brings along on a secret mission to destroy a German poison factory, we are once again moved on to the front in France and into the very visceral reality of war. This brings me to the second scene that not only made tears form but fall. As Diana is faced with the trenches, she questions Steve's apathy and takes it upon herself to go over the top and walk across no-mans land ricocheting bullets off her gauntlets. To say this scene was awesome is a vast understatement. The purpose of the scene was for Diana to liberate a village from German occupation. As she crashes through the wall of a building and the first few bars of the Wonder Woman theme swells, well it was hard to stay seated and not leap up and yell 'YAS QUEEN!'

We then come to the only part of the movie I have a gripe with, the forced romance between Steve and Diana. While I appreciate, she has a certain fascination with the male gender, the addition of a very forced kiss was unnecessary, but Steve does end up dying so I did not mind it as much as I thought I would. Furthermore, it is not really explored further than said kiss which was a relief, as it maintained the focus on Wonder Woman and her story as a hero and not a girlfriend. As we move on, there comes a point when the group must infiltrate a German soiree and girl, Gal Gadot in that blue dress with her sword tucked in the back, well let's just say I am not surprised women have been following suit. It was such a clash of the elegance with her strength as a soldier that it was just beautiful.

Onto the finale of the film. Anyone who knows me knows I hate long drawn out battle scenes as I think they tend to be lazy film making. However! The final battle between Diana and Ares (whose identity I shan't reveal) was so wonderfully choreographed and broken up with interactions with the other soldiers and a bittersweet farewell between Diana and Steve that I wanted it to carry on! Eventually, as with every Superhero film, Diana is victorious and the German gas is destroyed. We cut to Armistice day celebrations and Diana gazing at Steve's picture as a final farewell, what was a really nice detail was that the other pictures on the wall were of fallen WW1 soldiers.

The film ends with Diana placing the photo back in the case, thanking Bruce Wayne, and then going to the roof of the building before leaping off in full Wonder Woman garb as her anthem once again swells.

To say I loved this film is an understatement, Wonder Woman has always been a favourite Superhero of mine and to see her depicted in such a successful and strong manner was fantastic. Every actor was incredible, Gal Gadot was a perfect fit, as was Robin Wright and Connie Nelson. They embodied the strength and power of the Amazons and stole the film, even though we only see them for the first third. I didn't even hate Chris Pine, I was so ready to dislike his character, I was pleasantly surprised with how well he worked opposite Wonder Woman. The directing of Patty Jenkins was utterly superb and I really hope she comes back for the next Wonder Woman film (hopefully they will commission a second one!!) I adored this film and want to see it again, and I implore everybody, irrespective if you like Superhero films to go and watch it!!

Have you seen the film yet? Did you enjoy it and what was your favourite scene?

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