Friday, 25 August 2017

Lindybop Bernice Paris Border || Review

Hi Darlings,

I am back!! I have just arrived home from Cyprus and my Summer holiday (and very limited wifi!!!) Cyprus has temperatures of 34 degrees+ in the summertime and thus clothing has to be light. If you read my Summer wishlist post, you will see that I mentioned this dress as one I was lusting after. I originally bought this dress for my graduation and pipped for an 18, as I know Lindybop tends to run small...and well I have boobs. The Bernice Paris border dress is a lovely cornflower blue cotton, with a fitted bodice and flared fifties skirt. It has a white cloud print all over and then the main focal point is the hem which has a skyline print of Paris. I fell utterly in love with this dress as soon as I saw it on the Lindybop website and when opportunity arose, I snapped it up! (Annoyingly it went on sale the week after, but sods law I suppose).

As you can see from the above picture, the dress has an amazingly full skirt with an utterly stunning Parisian border. There's a little Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Parisian buildings, for a Francophile like myself, I love love love it!!! The skirt is a circle skirt and not a swing skirt, basically meaning that while you can add a petticoat, if you were to twirl, it wouldn't fly up in that jive manner. This is the style of most 50s style skirts and actually considering the heat in Cyprus, I was happy that the skirt maintains a full look without the addition of a petticoat. It also has....wait for it....POCKETS! Yes!!! This dress has two wonderful, roomy pockets on either side of the skirt which just makes the dress for me! Pockets!!!

The bodice is a fitted bodice with non-adjustable straps and a zip up back. I will say that I ordered a size 18, and stupidly I should have sent it back in exchange for a smaller size as the bust is too large, as are the straps. However, a few well placed stitches will fix this and while my bra was slightly on show, I didn't feel overexposed. It is worth mentioning that this dress, while not having a structured bodice, due to the sweetheart neckline it is incredibly flattering, especially if like me you have larger boobs!

The dress is so flattering on someone like me, who has a very large bum, because it nips you in tightly in the waist and then flows downwards but not necessarily puffing out. This dress comes with a white belt if you want to add extra 'nip-in' but I wore it both with and without, and found, while a nice addition, the belt is by no means necessary!

The dress is currently on sale for £13.00 but sadly only in a size 12 and 14, but Lindybop has some wonderful pinup clothing, and they regularly do city border dresses. They're such good quality but please check the size chart as they do tend to vary style to style!

Check out the Lindybop website here!

Full Outfit details
Shoes: Hotter Shoes (can't find the link but here is the Hotter website!)
Sunglasses: Old old old Topshop (similar)

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  1. Lovely photos! X

  2. I had zero wifi on my holiday too haha, only just got back today! You look stunning

    Morgan x

    1. Oh my gosh thank you!! And tell me about it, so bloody annoying when you want to blog immediately haha!