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Lush Bath Melts | Review

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I must apologise for my absence, as anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I have been feeling a bit eh about the whole blogging malarkey. It took me stepping away from my computer and with the help of a few very good friends, I was reminded why I blogged and why I enjoyed it!

Today's post is another review! I love doing reviews, as I always check them out before buying new products, going on holiday, going to a restaurant etc; so perhaps my reviews will help you savvy shoppers out there!

Recently, or I think they're recent (I could just be very late to the party) Lush released a line of Bath Melts! Now as someone who has a 'treat yo self' attitude with baths, in that I don't often have a bath but when I do, I make sure they are as luxurious as can be! Bath melts, bath bombs, bubble bars, anything that takes my bath from meh to marvellous!

A few weeks ago, I visited Lush on Oxford Street, which if you get a chance to visit, go for it! It is a three floor experience of sweet smelling bath and beauty product extravaganza!! The two bath melts I picked up were Shark Infested Custard and Furze; they are both Kitchen exclusives and I think exclusive to the Oxford Street store, but they can be purchased online.

 (L: Furze; R: Shark Infested Custard)
I am sure it is immediately obvious what attracted me to Furze, the elderflower coating and pink amaranth flowers make it stand out among the regular displays. The scent is difficult to describe but it smells like a spring morning. There is a freshness and natural essence to this bath melt. It is worth wiping the bath down afterwards, not from residue but the leftover elderflower crust. It has cocoa butter in it, which leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and nourished post-bath!

Shark Infested Custard on the other hand is a brilliant yellow colour with a little melon paper fin. The scent of this bath melt is a far more discernible vanilla, and coconut scent. It isn't very strong but it's certainly more obvious than Furze. This melt also contains olive oil as well as cocoa butter, as it is designed for dry skin and I did find on myself it was probably too moisturising. Then again, I don't particularly have dry skin, but I imagine if you do, this would be glorious!

The bath melts cost £2.25 each and are thus, cheaper than bath bombs. They're a fun alternative to bath bombs and add variety to ones bath time. I would personally use them alongside a bubble bar or another bath bomb, but they really hold their own alone. Having only just discovered these, I cannot wait to check out the full range!

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