Tuesday, 19 September 2017

An Evening with Taste | Beauty and the Beast Dinner

Hello Darlings,

As I have started working full time now, my weekends are sacred. However, I always get antsy if I haven't made plans, and although this morning I am on the brink of exhaustion it is for good reason. Last weekend I had the delight of attending a themed dinner, themed on Beauty and the Beast with a company called Taste films.

The story of Taste films emerges from three questions:

"Have you ever watched a film that made you hungry? Have you ever wished to be part of the filmic world you are seeing on screen? Been so immersed in what you are watching that you want to experience every aspect of the film?"

When the opportunity arose to watch Beauty and the Beast, while also sampling a menu inspired by it, I could hardly say no! I was eager to 'try the grey stuff it's delicious,' and while none the food was grey, it was pretty damn delicious. The evening took place at Parlour Restaurant in Kensel Green; a wonderful small restaurant tucked away in the city that creates a very welcoming and warm atmosphere. It is slightly awkward to get to, so I would recommend tube-ing it to Kilburn and uber-ing it the extra 10 mins.
The Delicious "Not on the Hill Cocktail"

I attended the evening with my friend Harriet, (who also blogs here) and while we did resist the urge to dress as Lumiere and Cogsworth, we made sure to bring our own Gothic glamour to the evening. My dress is from Attitude Clothing and I believe hers was H&M. When we arrived, we were greeted by the host and owner of the company, and shown to our table. Immediately the atmosphere was very welcoming and warm, and our table was utterly adorable. We had our menu ready to peruse along with a rose to set the scene!

Before the dinner started we were given the option to buy drinks and as we knew we wouldn't be having our rose cocktails until the movie was underway, both myself and Harriet treated ourselves, to not one, but two cocktails! I have to say I have not missed London prices, but these cocktails were pretty damn good and they looked very aesthetically appealing so maybe that made up the £9 (!!!) I paid for each....maybe?

The delicious starter elegantly presented!

The lights dimmed, and it was showtime! As we were greeted with the familiar sounds of Alan Menken's overture, starters were brought around to enjoy; and the meal was underway! The food was utterly divine; I'm not really a fussy eater-more a human garbage bin, but this was really nice food. Overall the meal and film experience was £45, and you got a starter, a main, two desserts (one to share) and a rose cocktail! For a London restaurant, £45 is reasonably good value, and as this is an event that runs once a month, it felt like a special treat. The atmosphere was so wonderful, and while I did have to resist the urge to sing along (come onnn, it's Disney after all,) I had a really wonderful time! I can't fault the evening at all, even though you were in a room full of people, Taste films created that 'cosy' environment.
Delightful main course
Our second drink and first dessert!
The Wednesday Addams Dress and sparkly shoes! 

The second dessert!! (Which unfortunately was too rich for me to finish!)

This is a really cool idea and I cannot recommend Taste films enough, they run every month with a new film and a new themed menu. The attention to the small details was brilliant, from the rose on the table, to the themed cocktails to the connection between film and movie. Also, small added bonus but one that makes the experience much less stressful-the tickets are e-tickets which you just show at the door (so much easier than the faff of printing!) and even if you're seated towards the back, there there are no obstructed views. 

Outfit details:
Dress: Attitude Clothing
Shoes: New Look
Ring: Vintage!
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