Saturday, 7 October 2017

Halloween Reads

Hi y'all!

Well, this is a different opening isn't it! I was so happy with the response to my last post, all the support I received made me so happy and really appreciate the blogging community as a whole. I think a lot of people think it is so elite and secluded but in reality on twitter especially, it is an amazing community!

As promised, welcome to my new blog and all the wonderfully sparkly new content I have coming your way! I am also writing some guest bits for other blogs so keep an eye out for those as well! Anyway enough of the gushing, it's Halloween goddamit not Valentines, and on that note, let's fall down the rabbit hole of Halloween reads!!
We're going to kick off this Halloween extravaganza with a book series. I actually read this series upon realising a film was being released but I wanted to finish the books beforehand! Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a trilogy of books written by Ransom Riggs. It is about a woman, Miss Peregrine, and the children who live in a permanent time loop with her; as you guessed the children all have special abilities. Anyway long story short, it takes the idea of a circus freakshow from early 20th century and makes them into heroes. It isn't the slightly strange characters that make it scary but rather the terrifying pictures throughout the book. I have no idea if these photos are of real people or just terrifying figments of Riggs' imagination, but they add a realistic freakiness to an already very strange storyline. 

Next up we have two of my personal favourites, Dracula and Before I go to Sleep! I'm going to go ahead and assume you know what Dracula is about...or you can guess, if not...have you been living under a rock? It is the original vampire novel, and while it is a challenging read, it is essential literature in the gothic genre. If you do find reading long classics tough to get into, I find reading them on trains or setting aside an hour to read a 100 pages and take it a page at a time-trust me it's worth it! A slightly easier read, but equally as thrilling, is Before I Go to Sleep. There is a film with Nicole Kidman, and actually it's pretty accurate; but the book! Holy hell, it had me shooketh when I finished it. I won't say too much as I don't want to give it away but read it, go read it if you want to be shooketh before Halloween!

Finally, we have two books that are not necessarily Halloween themed but are slightly spooky and definitely gothic! The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was one of those books I picked up on a whim and motherfudgens am I glad I did! It is the ultimate 'book-that-deserves-a-sequel,' and honestly, if one a slim slim slim chance Erin reads this, please write a sequel!!! It is about a two rival magicians in Victorian era England who work their whole lives for a battle royale in the famed and elusive Night Circus.  However, our two protagonists  fall in love and soon this battle for superiority becomes a battle to free themselves from the clutches of their mentors. Honestly, the imagery in the book alone warrants reading so go, read, now! Finally is one of my favourite books, yet one I only dip in and out of! Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales, are a collection of feminist retellings of fairy tales. This is the book that I will be reading over the Halloween period, as I really want to read more of Angela Carter, an author that has been highly recommended. I personally love retellings of fairytales so this is one book hopping off my TBR and onto my currently reading list on goodreads!

Have you read any of these or do you read any specific books at Halloween?
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