Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Best Vintage Black Friday Deals!!

Hello Darlin's!

Long time no chat-where have I been you ask? Off in Wonderland my dears, and clearly too busy to write, so my profuse apologies.

In America, tomorrow is thanksgiving (a stupid holiday with a problematic history) and the day after is what is known as Black Friday-the day when people lose their sanity and buy a lot of stuff they don’t need, simply because it’s 10% off. However, if like me, you have a unique sense of style that can be quite expensive, these sales can be very lucrative!

Another issue with Black Friday bargains are that most of them are American brands, so this list are all brands that are UK shops and ship to the UK without the horrific shipping fees!! (Pin up Girl clothing and Torrid, I am looking at you!!)

Here are some brands that I will snapping a few pieces from this Black Friday!

Lindybop: There is up to 40% off many of their dresses and I think closer to Friday, they’ll be adding more lines to the sale. Advice with Lindybop-size up.

Vivien of Holloway: 50% off many of their dresses with the code PRICEFALL. A lot of these dresses retail for over £100, so this is a fantastic sale and one I will be taking all the advantage of! Again, be aware of sizes and have a tape measure ready as they work on measurements not sizes.

Voodoo Vixen: On their instagram, they have hinted at a Black Friday sale but have yet to release the items. Keep your eyes peeled closer to the day so you don’t miss a vintage bargain!

Lady V London: Not technically a Black Friday sale but a mid-season one. Many of their products are around 30% off so if you’re a fan, hop over

Top Vintage Boutique: This is a Eureopean website but there is free shipping to many EU countries, including the UK. Currently they are at 20% off on Collectif clothing, which lowers the price slightly...but be sensible with this one and don’t get lured into false bargains.

Dolly and Dotty: 25% off sitewide with the code BLACKCYBER which is brilliant as there isn’t a specific section.

Miss L Fire: This wonderful vintage shoe brand has a specific Black Friday section with up to 70% off. Literally hold my purse!

I hope you enjoyed this post and you are able to grab yourself a pinup bargain! If you know of any other sites, drop them in the comments below and let’s share that bargain!


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