Sunday, 3 December 2017

Hell Bunny Livingstone Navy Tartan Dress || Review


How excited are you for Christmas! I cannot wait for the festive season to be fully underway, our tree is already up and the mince pies are a plenty! Recently I bought myself a tripod which means that I can (attempt) to post more outfit reviews. Be aware that I am very new to this and haven't quite worked out blogging faces, rather my derpy face and double chins!

I bought this dress at the end of October as I had been searching for the perfect tartan winter vintage dress. Initially I was drawn to the Peebles Hell Bunny dress but after sending both this dress and the Peebles, I decided to purchase the Livingstone Navy Tartan Dress. Similar in style as a 40s silhouette (it is described as 50s, but I would say due to the slightly slimmer silhouette, it is more suited to late-40s style dress). This dress has a beautiful velvet neckline and belt and rather than being green, the Livingstone comes in a stunning navy colour. I fell in love as soon as this dress arrived, and have worn it on many occasion, both formal and casual. It falls just below the calf and does up by a zip up the back; a word of warning with Hell Bunny dresses, they run small! I actually got a size 18-20, when my regular size is a 14/16. This dress, as with most Hell Bunny items, run a lot smaller and tighter than normal clothing, especially if you do not have that perfect hourglass figure (honestly, does anyone?)

Other than that, this dress is a wonderful heavy fabric and very warm for these blustery, cold weather. It is currently sold out on their website but it can be found on online retailers and is £46.50, reduced from £60. If you're looking for a more casual pinup inspired dress, then let me introduce you to your new best friend!

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  1. What a gorgeous dress! Looks like it could be dresses up or down which I LOVE in a dress- x

    1. Thank you! It is such a versatile dress which is perfect xxx