Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Exciting news!

Well, what a couple weeks! I announced my new idea about two weeks ago and then it started to evolve. For those who have not been following me on social media, I am giving up blogging. OK, calm down, not blogging as a whole, but lone blogging per se. I put out a call for female writers to collaborate on a monthly collective, and turn this blog into a magazine for female voices.  I initially only expected around 1 or 2 replies and was delighted when I received 10! That is right-we have a group of writers 10 strong.

Every month, there will be a theme, and while not every writer will write every month, this blog will hopefully become a platform for female voices. My goal is to make the Hairy Potato an online magazine where women can write openly about sex, relationships, feminism, politics, literature, art, women in history, literally anything you want. The Hairy Potato is an online magazine, created by women, written by women and for women. Any self-defining woman; sisters, not cis-ters thank you! Every month there will be a theme to write on and a series of articles released alongside that theme. The themes will be very broad and it is up to the writers to take it as deep as they feel confident to!

Well, each writer will have their own bio after each post they write, so you can explore their blogs; they are a mix of bloggers, writers and of course, friends. If you hop over to instagram, I have announced the first seven and more announcements are coming tomorrow. For now submissions are on pause while we kick start this project. As soon as we start releasing posts in February, submissions will reopen so always feel free to drop me an email at thehairypotatocollab@gmail.com.

The release of articles will begin 1st February, all focused around the theme of relationships! I will be writing about how I choose to remain single but many of our writers will have their own interpretation of it.

By clicking this link here, and filling out the form! Remember there are no bad ideas. I hope you are as excited as I am for this new project, I already have so many ideas and scope of where I want this project to go.


  1. I was sad to think you were giving up blogging but I'm glad you're not giving it up entirely! This new project sounds amazing, I'll need to keep my eye out for the posts to come.

    Holly x

    1. I know, I am glad I found a new project to feel passionate about! Fabulous-if you ever want to write, it would be awesome! x x

  2. This is such a great idea! I can't wait to read the articles :)