Sunday, 7 January 2018

The growth of a potato!

Hello there!

Well, this is all a bit different isn’t it! I should say hello and welcome to the rebrand, the birth if you will of “The Hairy Potato!” I see you, sitting there scratching your head thinking...girl what? Well, take a seat, have a cuppa and allow me to explain.

When I started this blog back in June, Ms Belle BonBon was a pseudonym I had adopted online to a) hide my real name and thus post all the burlesque photos, and b) it fitted what I wanted to write about. However, this past month has been odd to say the least; I touched upon in my last post that I had finally got help for my anxiety and depression and this rebrand has grown out of that. To have a more authentic sense of self.

So onto the name; it has probably confused a hell of a lot of people and understandably so. I have always described myself as a potato, bad day: potato, ugly day: potato, fat day: potato. A recurring theme whenever I felt meh with myself, I thought of myself as a potato and I suddenly had the realisation that 2018 was the year of utterly loving myself. Hence the reclaiming of my thought of potato; as for the hairy...well, being Cypriot, “every last inch of me's covered in haaaair!” I did do a  quick urban dictionary search of hairy potato to check it wasn’t some vomit-inducing sex act and thankfully, it is not. It does however, mean a girl who sleeps around a lot...which is hilariously ironic but apt. A blog to represent the modern woman. Thus “the Hairy Potato” was born! A lifestyle blog of this twenty something attempting to navigate adulthood. I am also aware that the hairy potato sounds like a euphemism for vagina and honestly...I’m not mad at that, so here we are: Welcome to The Hairy Potato.

I have so many ideas written down, as if the spark for blogging has been reignited; I will be discussing feminism, growing up, book reviews, makeup reviews and of course the odd gift list! I have a post next week all planned but for now make sure to follow me over on my new handles @thehairypotato_ on instagram and twitter. Worry not, I am not abandoning my pinup style, and when I can rope in a parent or friend to take pictures, I will thrust outfit posts upon you.

Until next time



  1. Bring it on, my little sassy hairy potato! I am ready.

    1. I am ready to see yo face!! Also thanks :) xxx

  2. I was so confused with your old blog being deleted and everything but I finally found your new blog! I can't wait to see your journey to unabashed self-love (maybe we'll meet, I'm on that trail, too). HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. Awesome, well welcome!! And yes that would be totally awesome, self love is the best, self love club for life!