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FEMALE EMPOWERMENT: Annalise, Phoebe & Eleven: What they have taught me

Gal Gadot gave us tenderness and chills as Wonder Woman; Danai Gurira’s loyalty led an army of women under her King T’Challa, and Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was not only intelligent and athletic but sexy at the same time. 

We as women are reshaping the face of the earth by standing up for injustice and proclaiming we want our rights. Women are more prominent in the workforce-shedding that image of the helpless dainty lady and vocalizing equal pay to male co-workers. We are strong in many ways, still beautiful but far more powerful.

My top three female empowerment tv sitcom heroines are motivating, liberating and dedicated to work with a sweet devotion to family and friends. Highlighting these characters is a new way to show how tv has a positive effect on your life if you choose to view it a certain way, and a positive effect on my life.

What do Annalise Keating, Phoebe Buffay and Eleven have in common? 


Although these women are extremely different from one another, I believe if they were stuck on an island together they would get along well. Each woman has a distinctive personality but one common trait is their power and passion to push through hard times and stay true to themselves.


Intelligent. Annalise’s intelligence outside of her law degree knowledge is profound. Yes, she is “books smart” and a street savvy, she shows intelligence is not only what you know. Of course, she makes a billion and two mistakes but one of the reasons she is so wise is what she does with her mistakes. Her mistakes fuel her progression. Every situation Annalise places herself in always haunts her but she thrives the most from inconvenience. Forget taking the easiest way out, Annalise takes those hard moments and develops a new plan. Although she may doubt herself in her journey, she continues to fight.
I say she is intelligent because of her bounce back, allowing her weakest moments to increase her strength and willpower. When difficulty arises, embrace those challenges and never let a negative moment fully control your emotions. If you happen to break down, always get back up and give it 200% because life is all about bouncing back and being way better than you were before.


Carefree. Pure example of, “I don’t care what you think about me!” Phoebe is the extra cheese on pepperoni and sausage pizza, the bluest part of an ocean and that unexpected 10% off denim jeans at the checkout register. Phoebe’s mood is #goodvibesonly, I mean you will never see her mean-spirited and I believe it’s because she chooses to be happy. Life is all about making the right choice and responding positively to negative dilemmas.
How easy is it to hold a grudge against the ones who hurt you? Or, clapping back at someone on social media who dissed your post? Right, we all had those times where we want to get extremely mad when things don’t go our way. When I think about Phoebe, I think about how her quirky personality is the foundation to her optimistic attitude, except you don’t have to be quirky to be optimistic. Optimism comes from choosing to smile rather than complain. Phoebe chooses happiness and that makes her strong.


Perseverance. Believe me when I say someone who struggled to formulate sentences to becoming a town heroine is completely the example of determination. Eleven’s loyalty and dedication not only makes her wise but the strength she has as a loner is completely riveting. Although she isn’t solely alone, she could literally count her friends on one hand, she taught herself how to survive on her own.
I’m drawn to Eleven simply because she is driven and focused, reminding me you can accomplish anything you set your mind to…(does the Eleven stare). I like how she never gave up, she knew she would see Mike again no matter how long it took, which relates to waiting for your dreams to come true. Stay focused and never give up. Just because your dream isn’t happening now, know that something is working. Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

Who are your top three female characters that inspire you?

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